Graduate Humanities Writing Symposium

Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016
by Princeton Writing Program

Much of graduate study is about reading and assimilating the important scholarship in the field of study in order to eventually produce writing that will add to and refine that field. But most graduate courses focus on the content of texts and the ideas they engage more than the writing process and the crucial elements of academic writing at the professional level. In this half-semester symposium, students analyze the forms and structures of academic arguments in selected scholarly works in the humanities. The ultimate aim is for students to refine their practice of scholarly writing by drafting a seminar paper, research article, or dissertation chapter based on their current research. Students learn the elements of successful professional writing in the humanities by 1) developing a lexicon for discussing scholarly writing; 2) using analysis, feedback, and revision to develop and maintain a collaborative writing process; and 3) crafting clear, concise, and compelling arguments.