Academic Integrity at Princeton: A Guide to Campus Resources

Do you have questions about proper source citation, permissible collaboration, "double submission," or what it means to do "original work"? Below are some useful campus resources where you can get answers to these and other questions related to academic integrity. 

Your Professors, Preceptors, and Lab Instructors
Your instructors can give you guidance on which citation style to use and whether it's okay to get feedback from a classmate or collaborate on a problem set or lab report. If you're unsure of your instructors' expectations, just ask. 

The Writing Center
Baker Hall (Whitman College), Level 00 
Drop-in Hours: Sunday - Thursday evenings, 7pm - 10pm 
The Writing Center offers free one-on-one conferences with experienced fellow writers trained to consult on assignments in any discipline. Writing Center Fellows can offer you advice on any aspect of the writing process, including distinguishing your own ideas from those of your sources, and properly incorporating and acknowledging sources. 
The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
328 Frist Campus Center 
Academic Strategies Workshops:
Learning Strategies Consultations:

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning offers advanced Academic Skills Workshops to help you study smarter, in addition to providing free one-on-one consultations on learning strategies such as active reading, effective note-taking, time management, and overcoming procrastination--all integral to avoiding situations that may lead to plagiarism. 

The University Library
Subject Specialists:
Research Appointments:

Online guides to source citation are available through the Library home page as well as information on source citation software (click on "Citing Sources"). You can also talk with librarians in Firestone Library or any of Princeton's branch libraries about your research projects. Ask at the Firestone Reference Desk, make an appointment with a Subject Specialist, or make a research appointment online.  

Your Residential College Dean and Director of Studies

These are two of the most helpful people you're likely to meet at Princeton. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with either one when you have concerns about your academics or about incidents in your personal life that are affecting your academics. 

Counseling and Psychological Services 
University Health Services 

McCosh Health Center
Appointments: (609) 258-3285

Stress and anxiety are risk factors for plagiarism. If you're in a panic about a paper or project--or anything else--just pick up the phone and call. Counseling and other psychological services are available to you 24/7 during the academic year.

Online Resources