Write to Publish

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019

How do you take a paper written for a seminar or conference and transform it into a journal article for publication? What are editors looking for, regardless of journal type? And how do publishing norms vary across fields?

This seminar will guide graduate students in the humanities through the process of constructing a journal article in their own discipline. Working with a cohort of peers – meeting in both formal workshops and informal writing groups – you will learn the tricks of publishing and apply proven methods to your own work. The workshops will guide you through various aspects of academic writing with the goal of submitting a journal article for publication by the end of the semester. In addition to classroom time dedicated to learning specific article-writing skills, participants will form an accountability group to help meet milestones in the draft and revision process between class sessions. The skills and tools from these workshops will be equally applicable to revising a dissertation chapter.

The series will consist of a series of six 90-minute workshops based on the book Writing your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success, by Princeton Professor Wendy Laura Belcher (loaner copies are available). We will meet every other week of spring semester, starting on Thursday, February 21, working our way through the revision process using Professor Belcher’s method. When the fireworks go off during Reunions, you will be ready to submit your completed journal article! Additional conversations will center on preparing book proposals.

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Successful applicants will be notified by February 8 and are expected to attend all six sessions.

For questions, please contact Dr. Emma Ljung in the Writing Program at eljung@princeton.edu.