Postdoctoral Fellowships in Scientific Writing

Open only to postdocs currently engaged in sponsored research at Princeton University.

All professionals in scientific and quantitative fields write regularly, and all write collaboratively. Indeed, training in effective scientific writing has been identified by the National Science Foundation as a critical component of recommended postdoctoral training. Researchers who are able to mentor their students in all aspects of scientific research—including writing—are able to publish more efficiently and establish research groups that are productive more quickly.

Postdoctoral researchers in science, engineering, and quantitative disciplines are invited to apply for part-time Fellowships in scientific writing. WSE Fellows teach the graduate writing courses WRI 501: Reading and Writing about the Scientific Literature, WRI 502: Writing a Persuasive Proposal in Quantitative Disciplines, and WRI 503: Writing an Effective Scientific Research Article.  All Fellowships offer intensive training not only in writing scientific documents but also in mentoring other writers in effective practices of professional communication.  

WSE Postdoctoral Fellowship appointments typically span two semesters. All Fellows in their first semester (usually spring term) develop their own writing expertise by 1) attending a six-week scientific writing course for graduate students and 2) participating in a teaching practicum that includes 1) attending New Faculty Training in the Princeton Writing Program in May 2020, and in August, 2020 and 2) Writing Center Fellows Training in September, 2020. In the second semester (usually fall term), they sequentially teach one or two six-week sections of the graduate courses WRI 501, WRI 502, and WRI 503.   

All WSE Fellows receive $2000 for each six-week course that they instruct. In addition, Associate Research Scholars or Post-doctoral Research Associates receive research support in the amount of 1/12 FTE for each six-week writing course in which they participate as either a student or instructor. Appointees have the option of applying to extend their training further.

We anticipate awarding two to four fellowships in 2020.

Eligibility Requirements

  • An appointment at Princeton for the upcoming academic year with the rank of Associate Research Scholar, Post-doctoral Research Associate (PDRA), or Post-doctoral Research Fellow (PDRF).
  • Current funding whose rules do not prohibit acceptance of fellowships and training opportunities of the kind described here.
  • Approval of the postdoctoral research advisor; we recommend that you discuss this fellowship opportunity with your advisor before submitting an application.

Instructions for Applying

Deadline extended: The application deadline is noon on Friday, December 20, 2019. To apply, email the following documents to

  • CV, with the names and contact information of three references, including your postdoctoral adviser (you do not need to supply letters of recommendation at the time of application). Please indicate in the CV the source and duration of your postdoctoral funding.
  • Cover Letter, which should include an explanation of your interest in the fellowship, how this opportunity would benefit your career as a scientist or engineer, and your experience in teaching and writing.
  • Description of Current Research Project (2 pages).
  • Published Scientific Paper.


For more information, please contact Judy Swan, Associate Director for Writing in Science and Engineering, Princeton Writing Program at