For Graduate Students & Postdocs

Writing in Graduate School and beyond brings new challenges.  Not only do writers encounter different settings and documents, they must develop sustainable, self-directed, and productive strategies for managing successful research communications, including:

  • Understanding new audiences and formats such as proposals, abstracts, dissertations, and journal articles.
  • Obtaining useful feedback on works in progress and incorporating it into revision.
  • Establishing scholarly practices to maintain motivation and focus over months and years.

Graduate Initiatives

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual appointments to student writers across all levels and disciplines.

Graduate Writing Courses in Science & Engineering

Half-term courses on scientific writing for graduate students and postdocs at any stage of their careers to develop the practices that support scientific communication through cogent and rigorous written analysis.

Graduate Writing Courses in Social Sciences & Humanities

A half-term course on writing for publication in the qualitative Social Sciences and Humanities for graduate students at any stage of their careers to develop the practices necessary for a productive, sustainable approach to research and success in their academic professions.


Resources for Proposal Writers

Explore the range of resources available at Princeton support writers developing their proposals.

Dissertation Boot Camps

Dissertation Boot Camp helps develop and maintain healthy writing habits during times of the academic year that are often relatively unstructured. Build and maintain momentum by developing and refining healthy habits and practices around work and writing with colleagues from across the disciplines.

Postdoc Proposal Writing Boot Camps

An annual two full-day intensive immersion into the ecosystems of research funding, proposal writing, and application review.