Postdoc Proposal Writing Boot Camps

2024 Bootcamp: In Person June 3 & 17

A major milestone in becoming an independent researcher is securing funding for your projects.  But where to start?  Budgets, personnel, requirements, agencies, program officers – it’s a whole new landscape! You need a map and some experienced guides.

Postdoc Proposal Writing Boot Camp is a two full-day intensive immersion into the ecosystems of research funding, proposal writing, and application review.  The goal is for participants to exit boot camp with a solid draft of a compelling grant application. 

  • June 3: Elements of Persuasive Proposals
  • June 17: Mock Study Session with participants' drafts


Open to participants who meet the following conditions:

  1. Are postdoctoral researchers at Princeton University
  2. Commit to drafting at least the specific aims overview of a proposal during boot camp (June 3-17)
  3. Attend full-day sessions on both June 3 and June 17. (Lunch provided)

Please register to attend. The deadline for applications is May 28.