WRI 504: Write to Publish in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Open to enrolled students from all years and all departments in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Given the workload, students who are currently preparing for general examinations are asked to apply for the course at a later time.

For fall 2022, the course has been modified to help students with incompletes finish their papers with an eye toward later publication. To that end, the course will be equally useful for students who are still figuring out how to best navigate the balance of research and writing. Students who are preparing writing samples for the job market are also warmly welcome to apply, as are students who want to convert a completed piece of research into a scholarly article. 

How do you transform a seminar or conference paper into an article for publication? This seminar guides you through the process. Working with an interdisciplinary cohort of peers, apply proven methods to your own work. In addition to classroom time dedicated to learning specific article-writing skills, participants form an accountability group to help meet milestones in drafting and revising between sessions. Individual conferences with the course instructor provide additional opportunities for detailed feedback. Develop productive, sustainable writing habits and finish the semester with a completed article for submission.

Fall 2022 Courses

Friday 9am - 11:50am

Meets Sept 9, Sept 23, Oct 7, Oct 28, Nov 11, Nov 18.

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For more information about WRI 504, please contact Emma Ljung.