The Princeton Writing Program is a multidisciplinary community of accomplished scholars and teachers. Faculty use their scholarly expertise to develop writing-intensive seminars that teach students advanced techniques of academic inquiry and research.

All program faculty are trained to help students learn how to frame compelling questions and problems, position an argument within an academic debate, substantiate and organize claims, and purposefully integrate a variety of sources. This pedagogical approach lays an early foundation for the more advanced writing projects students undertake later, including the Junior Project and Senior Thesis.

Beth English 214 New South
Marina Fedosik-Long 308 New South
Samuel García 209 New South
Shawn Gonzalez 306 New South
Dannelle Gutarra Cordero 312 New South
Andy Hakim 309 New South
David Hollingshead 313 New South
Amanda Irwin Wilkins 205 New South
Steven Kelts 301 New South
Patricia Kennedy