Fall 2019 Writing Seminars

Welcome, Class of 2023! Descriptions of the Fall 2019 Writing Seminars will be posted in late July. In the meantime, you may review the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 seminars for a sample of our course offerings and learn more about the Writing Seminar enrollment process.

Writing Seminars have a common goal—for students, through practice and guidance, to master essential strategies and techniques of academic inquiry and argument. Writing Seminars also have a common structure: unlike most other courses, which are organized around readings, Writing Seminars are organized primarily around writing—specifically, a series of four assignments, totaling about 30 finished pages.

While Writing Seminars all focus on the skills necessary for effective critical reading and writing, they differ in the topics and texts assigned. Below are topic descriptions of the many different Writing Seminars being offered this term.

As described in How to Enroll, you will rank your top 8 seminar preferences online at any time during the enrollment period.  To read a full description of the course, click on the course title.  To increase your chances of being assigned to one of your top preferences, choose seminars that meet at a range of times, including morning and evening. Be sure to keep in mind your class schedule and extracurricular commitments.


Fall 2019 Enrollment Schedule

Thursday, August 1
Students Assigned to a Term for the Writing Seminar

Friday, September 6, 9am - Wednesday, September 11, 9 am
Students may request a term change online.

Monday, September 9, 5pm - Wednesday, September 11, 5pm​
Students enroll in a Writing Seminar online.  This process is not first come, first served.  Enroll anytime during the enrollment period, and your chance of receiving one of your top choices is as good as everyone else's.

Thursday, September 12, 5pm​
Students notified by email of Writing Seminar assignments.

Thursday, September 12, 5pm - Saturday, September 14, 9am
Students may request a Writing Seminar change online.  No requests to change a Writing Seminar will be accepted after the deadline without the special permission of the Writing Program Director and your Director of Studies.

Monday, September 16​
First day of Monday/Wednesday Writing Seminars.

Tuesday, September 17​
First day of Tuesday/Thursday Writing Seminars.


Writing Seminars

Please check back in late July.


Writing Seminar Descriptions

Please check back in late July.