Mary W. George Research Conference

Named in memory and celebration of librarian Mary W. George and her devotion to undergraduate research at Princeton, the biannual conference showcases the exceptional, diverse scholarly work of students from the Writing Seminars.

Mary W. George

Mary W. George

In her own words

“I want to persuade you, as a serious but uncertain student, that library research is not a mystery or a lucky dodge, but an investigation you control from start to finish, even though you cannot usually tell what sources you will discover. Like its twin, scientific experiment, library research is a form of structured inquiry with specific tools, rules, and techniques. Also like its twin, it is unpredictable, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding as you examine your findings, then add your own insights to make a compelling case. As a bonus, when you share your work—whether through writing, speaking, or technology—addressing one person or a wide audience, you create a new source, extending the cycle. There is no more fulfilling intellectual experience.”

Mary W. George, The Elements of Library Research
Princeton University Press, 2008