Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Keynote Address

Dr. Keith Shaw, Associate Director, Princeton Writing Program

Session I

Panel A

Sydney King, “The Universalized Self: Exploring Facebook’s Influence on Self-Representation”

Eva Lewandowski, “Hispanic Religiosity and Gender Norms: An Analysis of the Domestic Violence Responses of Hispanic Women” 

Cecily Swanson, Moderator

Panel B

Olivia Trase, “The Atomic Peach”

Nina Chausow, “Alice Neel and Andy Warhol: The Reconstruction of an Artistic Identity” 

M.V. Ramana, Moderator

Session II

Panel A

Margaret Wright, “From Ramsay to Briscoe (And Back Again?): The Portrayal of Women in To the Lighthouse

Ciara Corbeil, “On Display: Fashion's Celebration and Subjugation of the Natural World”

Jiyoon Kim, “The Perfect Little Girls: The Girly-Cute Aesthetic and Powerpuff Girls as Infantile Citizens”

David Hershinow, Moderator 


Session III

Panel A

Aaron Schwartz, “Where No (Man?) Has Gone Before: The Hegemonic Masculinity Paradox in ‘The City on The Edge of Forever’”

Yun-Yun Li, “Dæmon Dilemmas: Philip Pullman’s Visionary Myth-Making in His Dark Materials

Hayley Roth, “Through the Eyes of the Clone: Never Let Me Go as a Complication of the Human Cloning Debate”

Panel B

Lia Hankla, “The Mozart Effect: Examining the Relationship Between Mood, Music, and Test-taking Ability”

Nathan Agmon, “Plastic Isn't Fantastic: A Case Study Analysis of Misconduct in Contemporary Science”

Jacklyn Jacobe, “The 'Lean Vs. Clean' Debate”

George Laufenberg, Moderator

Session IV

Panel A

Jason Golfinos, “’Don't Be Alarmed, Now,’: Backmasked Subliminal Messages in Eighties Rock Music"

Benjamin Gallo, “A Question of Mysticism or The Counter-Reformation: A Case Study of El Greco’s View of Toledo and the Artist’s Imagined Configuration of the Landscape of Toledo”

Anam Vadgama, “Islam in Khuda Kay Liye: From an External to an Internal View”

Kachina Allen, Moderator

Conference organized by Andy Hakim, Emma Ljung, and Benjamin Weber. Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.