Quin Morton '36 Freshman Research Conference

Quin Morton Freshman Research Conference ImageFall 2014

The second Quin Morton ’36 Freshman Research Conference took place on Friday, November 21, 2014. The conference showcased the scholarly work of a range of exceptional Spring 2014 Writing Seminar students from different courses and disciplines. During the conference, our distinguished writers gave 10-minute presentations of their work in small panels, followed by question-and-answer sessions. 

Program of Events

Keynote Address (10:00 a.m)
(The Writing Room)
Dr. Keith Shaw, Associate Director, Princeton Writing Program

Session I (10:30-11:15 a.m.)
Panel A (G001 Hargadon Hall)

  • Sydney King, “The Universalized Self: Exploring Facebook’s Influence on Self-Representation”
  • Eva Lewandowski, “Hispanic Religiosity and Gender Norms: An Analysis of the Domestic Violence Responses of Hispanic Women” 

Cecily Swanson, Moderator
Panel B (G002 Hargadon Hall)

  • Olivia Trase, “The Atomic Peach”
  • Nina Chausow, “Alice Neel and Andy Warhol: The Reconstruction of an Artistic Identity” 

M.V. Ramana, Moderator
Session II (11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
Panel A (G001 Hargadon Hall)

  • Margaret Wright, “From Ramsay to Briscoe (And Back Again?): The Portrayal of Women in To the Lighthouse
  • Ciara Corbeil, “On Display: Fashion's Celebration and Subjugation of the Natural World”
  • Jiyoon Kim, “The Perfect Little Girls: The Girly-Cute Aesthetic and Powerpuff Girls as Infantile Citizens”

David Hershinow, Moderator 
Lunch (12:30-1:30 p.m.)                                                         
Session III (1:45-2:45 p.m.)
Panel A (G001 Hargadon Hall)

  • Aaron Schwartz, “Where No (Man?) Has Gone Before: The Hegemonic Masculinity Paradox in ‘The City on The Edge of Forever’”
  • Yun-Yun Li , “Dæmon Dilemmas: Philip Pullman’s Visionary Myth-Making in His Dark Materials
  • Hayley Roth, “Through the Eyes of the Clone: Never Let Me Go as a Complication of the Human Cloning Debate” 

Genevieve Creedon, Moderator
Panel B (G002 Hargadon Hall)

  • Lia Hankla, “The Mozart Effect: Examining the Relationship Between Mood, Music, and Test-taking Ability”
  • Nathan Agmon, “Plastic Isn't Fantastic: A Case Study Analysis of Misconduct in Contemporary Science”
  • Jacklyn Jacobe, “The 'Lean Vs. Clean' Debate”

George Laufenberg, Moderator
Session IV (3:00-4:00 p.m.)
Panel A (G001 Hargadon Hall)

  • Jason Golfinos, “’Don't Be Alarmed, Now,’: Backmasked Subliminal Messages in Eighties Rock Music"
  • Benjamin Gallo, “A Question of Mysticism or The Counter-Reformation: A Case Study of El Greco’s View of Toledo and the Artist’s Imagined Configuration of the Landscape of Toledo”
  • Anam Vadgama, “Islam in Khuda Kay Liye: From an External to an Internal View”

Kachina Allen, Moderator

Conference Organizers
Andy Hakim, Emma Ljung, Benjamin Weber
Funded by the Princeton Writing Program