Quin Morton '36 Freshman Research Conference

Quin Morton Freshman Research Conference ImageFall 2015

The fourth Quin Morton ’36 Freshman Research Conference took place on Friday, November 20, 2015. The conference showcased the scholarly work of a range of exceptional Spring 2015 Writing Seminar students from different courses and disciplines. During the conference, our distinguished writers gave 10-minute presentations of their work in small panels, followed by question-and-answer sessions. 

Program of Events

Opening Remarks
11:00 - 11:15

Dr. Jill Dolan, Dean of the College

Session I
11:15 - 12:15

Panel A, G001 Hargadon Hall

Maggie Pecsok, “Life in Neverland: Eternal Youth or an Alternative to Adulthood?”

Emma Watkins, “Aura: Defying Reproduction”

Fiona Furnari, “From Mellow to Delish: Sense Experience in Differing Physical Locations within the Same Time Frame”

Panel B, G002 Hargadon Hall

Adetobi Moses, “Language Politics: Conrad, Achebe, & the Role of the African Author in Literature”

Mihika Kapoor, “Social Media: The Unofficial Regulator of Self-Satisfaction”

Nitasha Siddique, “Be the Change You Want to See: Multiculturalism as a Means for Progress in Ms. Marvel”


12:15 - 1:15

Session II
1:15 - 2:15

Panel A, G001 Hargadon Hall

Valerie Wilson, “’You Fucking Bitch’: Gone Girl, Amy Dunne, the Media, and Feminism in the ‘Aughts’”

Katherine Shifke, “’Jane, you ignorant Slut:’ ‘Slut-o-ween’ And The Formation of a Female Identity”

Julia Case-Levine, “Cougars, Cubs and Kittens: Television’s Representation of the Sexuality of Aging Women”

Panel B, G002 Hargadon Hall

Samantha Ip, “The Dark Side of Artificial Happiness: Reflections on Ethics in a Psychopharmaceutical Age”

Pritika Mehra, “Transcendental Treatment: Using Ayahuasca to Treat Anorexia”


Session III
2:30 - 3:30

Panel A, G001 Hargadon Hall

Hannah Tandy, “The Zodiac of the Beth Alpha Synagogue”

Rani Jaiswal, “Henry Martyn: Destruction and Perfection in the 19th Century”

Kaitlin O’Riordan, “The Vaccine Debate: Balance Between Protection and Empowerment of Children”

Panel B, G002 Hargadon Hall

Caleb Gum, “How to Survive Your Next Trip to the Supermarket:  Modern Survivalism and Commercial  Dissatisfaction”

Eric Qiu, “The Fishy Business of Transgenic Salmon: Explaining the Delay in the Mass Commercialization Process”

Gavin Zhang, “Impossible is Nothing: Adidas’ 2008 Beijing Olympics Campaign and Consumer Nationalism”


Session IV
3:45 - 4:45

Panel A, G001 Hargadon Hall

Adam Berman, “The Internet as the Primary Source of the Emic Criticism of the Otherkin Community"”

Jamie Hintson, “Nude and Normal: Modern American Nudism as a Conservative Subculture”

Layla Malamut, “Fandom: Reevaluating the Figure of the Imaginary Friend”

Panel B, G002 Hargadon Hall

Ji-Sung Kim, “Momotarō as a Vehicle for Imperialist and Marxist Propaganda”

Ben Ulene, “A Lockean Property Rights-Based Perspective on Pregnancy”



Conference Organizers
Andy Hakim, Leah Klement, Emma Ljung, Benjamin Weber
Funded by the Princeton Writing Program