Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2015

November 20, 2015

Opening Remarks

Dr. Jill Dolan, Dean of the College

Session I

Panel A

Maggie Pecsok, “Life in Neverland: Eternal Youth or an Alternative to Adulthood?”

Emma Watkins, “Aura: Defying Reproduction”

Fiona Furnari, “From Mellow to Delish: Sense Experience in Differing Physical Locations within the Same Time Frame”

Panel B

Adetobi Moses, “Language Politics: Conrad, Achebe, & the Role of the African Author in Literature”

Mihika Kapoor, “Social Media: The Unofficial Regulator of Self-Satisfaction”

Nitasha Siddique, “Be the Change You Want to See: Multiculturalism as a Means for Progress in Ms. Marvel”


Session II

Panel A

Valerie Wilson, “’You Fucking Bitch’: Gone Girl, Amy Dunne, the Media, and Feminism in the ‘Aughts’”

Katherine Shifke, “’Jane, you ignorant Slut:’ ‘Slut-o-ween’ And The Formation of a Female Identity”

Julia Case-Levine, “Cougars, Cubs and Kittens: Television’s Representation of the Sexuality of Aging Women”

Panel B

Samantha Ip, “The Dark Side of Artificial Happiness: Reflections on Ethics in a Psychopharmaceutical Age”

Pritika Mehra, “Transcendental Treatment: Using Ayahuasca to Treat Anorexia”

Session III

Panel A

Hannah Tandy, “The Zodiac of the Beth Alpha Synagogue”

Rani Jaiswal, “Henry Martyn: Destruction and Perfection in the 19th Century”

Kaitlin O’Riordan, “The Vaccine Debate: Balance Between Protection and Empowerment of Children”

Panel B

Caleb Gum, “How to Survive Your Next Trip to the Supermarket:  Modern Survivalism and Commercial  Dissatisfaction”

Eric Qiu, “The Fishy Business of Transgenic Salmon: Explaining the Delay in the Mass Commercialization Process”

Gavin Zhang, “Impossible is Nothing: Adidas’ 2008 Beijing Olympics Campaign and Consumer Nationalism”

Session IV

Panel A

Adam Berman, “The Internet as the Primary Source of the Emic Criticism of the Otherkin Community"”

Jamie Hintson, “Nude and Normal: Modern American Nudism as a Conservative Subculture”

Layla Malamut, “Fandom: Reevaluating the Figure of the Imaginary Friend”

Panel B

Ji-Sung Kim, “Momotarō as a Vehicle for Imperialist and Marxist Propaganda”

Ben Ulene, “A Lockean Property Rights-Based Perspective on Pregnancy”


Conference organized by Andy Hakim, Leah Klement, Emma Ljung, and Benjamin Weber. Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.