Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2016

November 18, 2016

Welcoming Remarks

Judy Swan, Associate Director for Writing in Science and Engineering

Session I

Panel A

Jamie O'Leary, “‘I Don’t Need a Man to Make It Happen:’ Fostering a Discourse of Female Masturbation in Sex Education”

Annie Klosowicz, “"Food Porn: A solution to Obesity"”

Sarah Pan, “#Defense of the Erotic: Responses to Postfeminism in Traditional Entertainment versus Contemporary Social Media” 

Panel B

Miriam Friedman, “Forbidden Truths and Biblical Contradictions: Analyzing Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel as a Theological Anomaly of Jewish Origins”

Maya von Ziegesar, “Whitehead on Continuity and Identity in Dollhouse”

Lunch with Roundtable Discussion

Session II

Panel A

Mohammad Z. Adnan, “The Optics of Nationalism: Benazir, the Dupatta, and Strategic Feminism”

Pragya Malik, “A Wave for Hillary? Feminism and the Generational Divide in Democratic Women Voters”

Annabel Barry, “Bad Habits: Monstrous Nuns, from the Foucauldian Theatre of Punishment to the Irish Movie Theatre” 

Panel B

Peter Koczanski, “Garbage: Can one take your trash and make it his treasure?”

Grace Kresge, ““It’s a Sharknado!”: Expanding the Reach of Climate Change Campaigns Though Satire Films”

SiTian Zhang, “Buck v. Bell: An Examination of the Socioeconomic Effects of World War I on the Propagation of the American Eugenics Movement

Session III

Panel A

Emily Abdo, “The Defiant Child of the Spanish Golden Age”

Varun Bhave, “Neuroscience and the Validity of Religious Experiences”

Moshe Beiser, “Mental Illness in Halakha: The shoteh’s contributions to the conversation of personhood.”

Session IV

Panel A

Brooke Smilen, “The Fantastical Within the Fanatical: Unintentionally Surfaced Uncertainty Within Extremist, Media- Based Propaganda”

Rishiprotim Nag, “Hubble, Chandra, and Spitzer Space Telescopes: The Role of Photographic Analysis in Accounting for Differences in Fame”

Noah Hastings, “How intentional anachronism changes identity processing via history as memory in Assassin’s Creed” 


Conference organized by Lauren Santangelo and Shannon Winston. Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.