Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2017

November 17, 2017

Welcoming Remarks

Elizabeth L. Colagiuri, Deputy Dean of the College 

Session I

Panel A

Maddie Carroll, “When Protests Turn Violent: How  Underrepresentation Affects Violence”

Eitan Zlatin, “Justice or Justification, Cognitive Bias on the Supreme Court”

Olivia Ott, “The Quest for a New Caliphate: ISIS’s Use of Genocide, Trafficking, and Sexual Exploitation against the Yazidi” 

Panel B

Catherine Benedict, ““Nancy-ism,” Not Feminism: Misconceptions of Nancy Drew as a Feminist Role Model and the Balancing Act of Female Success”

Catherine Sweeney, “La Boheme to Rent: The Same Bohemians in a New City”

Lunch and Academic Research Roundtable:  A Conversation between Faculty and Students

Joe Califf and Jared Lockwood
Emma Ljung and Fiona Furnari

Session II

Panel A

Anna Wolcke, “War Photography that Humanizes: Henryk Ross’ Photographs of Jewish Life in the Lodz Ghetto”

Henry Ando, “Risk, Reason, and the Right to Die: Dutch Euthanasia Policy as a Case Study in Risk-Related Standards of Competence”

Session III

Panel A

Jackson Artis, “Reparations: Case Closed

Liam O'Connor, “Speak Up: A Defense of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission”

Haneul Ryoo, “Why so Western?”

Panel B

Nathaniel Hickok, “Predicting Substantive Religious Representation”

Michael Li, “Relationships are Complicated: Analyzing the Synergistic Interactions between Stereotypes in Single by 30”

Dionne Chen, “The Community in Me: How Social Networking Sites Are (and Aren’t!) Transforming Our Self Identities”

Session IV

Panel A

Anna Marsh, “Incarcerated Youth”

Ben Liang, “Top One-Hundred to Tones: Using Hit Songs to Teach Mandarin Chinese”

Kendra Dombroski, “‘D’ is for Diversity: The Role of Sesame Street in the Pre-Primary Education of Children With Disabilities” 

Panel B

Jackson Neus, “Debate on the Dawn Wall: The Impact of Bolting on the Authenticity of Yosemite’s Great American Climbs”

Caroline Bailey, “The Horrific and the Divine: Comments on Time, Identity and Isolation in Doctor Who”

Ellie Breitfeld, “Sic’Em: Sports Culture, Sports Media, and Sexual Assault in the Baylor Football Scandal”


Conference organized by Natalia Cordova, Jessie Rack, Leslie Ribovich, Lauren Santangelo, and Shannon Winston. Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.