Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2018

November 16, 2018

Welcoming Remarks

James Alexander (Alec) Dun, Assistant Dean of the College

Session I

Panel A: Otherness and the State

Jack Allen, “‘I’m longing to see the real India’: Depictions of Otherness in Lean’s A Passage to India

Benjamin Ball, “Nobody Loves the Bible More than I Do”: An Analysis of the Effect of Theological Nostalgia on Evangelical Voters in the 2016 Election”

Jonathan Ort, “Antecedent and Agency: Historical Reckoning in the LTRC”

Lunch and Academic Research Roundtable: Innovation with Evidence

Varun Bhave '19
Sofia Bisogno '20
Nicholas Johnson '20
Lucina Schwartz '19
Delaney Thull '19

Session II

Panel A: Regulation of Bodies

Katharine Matthias, “A Time Out for the ‘Time Out’: The ‘Time Out’ and its Impact on Solitary Confinement through the Establishment of Carceral Logic”

Nimra Nadeem, “The Racist Liberal Humanist: Black Plasticity and the Self/Other Dialectic in Jordan Peele’s Get Out (2017)”

Joanna Zhang, “Radically Un-English”: The Cultivation of a Colonial British Identity through the Regulation of Chinese Prostitution, 1867-1880”

Panel B: Restrictive Categories

Jack Aiello, “Anti-Corruption Conditions: Not Just Business as Usual”

Lauren Flaming, “Redefining Mental Toughness: How Female Athletes Evolve Appreciation for their Muscular Bodies”

Lily Rezai, “Attitude and Altitude: An Evaluation of Biochemical and Geographical Trends between ADHD and Elevation”

Phoebe Warren, “Looking Backwards: Gazing at the Miniature Self-Portraits of Sarah Goodridge”

Session III

Panel A: Power and Identity

Haeley Ahn, “Breathing Life into Intangible Cultural Heritage: Wŏnhyŏng in Korea's Poyuja Lineage System and its Implications for UNESCO”

Nikoo Karbassi, “The Iranian Divide: How Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis Reinforces the Islam versus West Paradigm and What This Says about Persian Culture”

Ivy Truong, “Are Sex Workers Equivalent to Disney Workers?: The Case for Seeing Sex Work as a Performative Profession”

Panel B: Discrepancies in Meaning

Julia Ilhardt, “Constructing America’s Nature: Incongruities and Inequalities in the Thoughts and Works of Frederick Law Olmsted”

Anson Jones, “A Proposed Reconciliation of Music Cognition and Notation: Why the Staff Has Spurred an Unnecessary Debate”

Hannah Smalley, “Beyond the Dictionary: 1970s and 1980s Media Coverage of New York City Subway Graffiti as a Case Study for the Development of Semiotic Connotations”

Session IV

Panel A: Scholarly Silences

Artem Khan, “Lie to Me”

Andrew B.L. Tye, “It Really Isn’t Easy Being Green”: A Quantum Reimagining of Modern Evangelical Eco-Theology”

Raya Ward, “Back to the Future: Constructing a Method to Interpret Still Life Paintings”

Conference organized by Daniel Choi, Dannelle Gutarra Cordero, and Leslie Ribovich. Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.