Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019

Keynote Address

Afia Ofori-Mensa, Director, Presidential Scholars Program

Panel 1: Naming the Past

Katie Dykstra, “Dark Tourism Heritage Sites, A Case Study: The Anne Frank House, how Commodification Leads to Authenticity”

Ashley Morales, The African Court as an Alternative to the ICC”

Allie Mangel, “Towards a Performance-Based Ethics: Paul Bowles and the Social Aspect of Appropriation”

Grace Simmons, “A Deadly Imitation Game: The Confluence Between ‘Gloomy Sunday,’ Suicide Contagion, and Pathological Music”

Elijah Shina, “Indiana Jones and the Researchers of the Fantastic Literature: Reconciling Literary Theory on Religion with the ‘Christian Fantastic’”

Lunch and Academic Research Roundtable:
Biography and the Research Process: Finding Your Personal Motive

Aliza Haider '22
Suraj Kushwaha '21
Bianca Swidler '21
Vinny Wagner '21

Panel 2: Analyzing Bodies

Natalie Lynch, “Evaluating Esther: The Role of Anthropomorphism in Pet Marketing and Conservation”

Jack Bound, “As Thou Art to Thyself: American Moral Anxiety and Preoccupation with Unique Genesis in the Human Cloning Debate”

Brooke Johnson, “‘So Poor, So Black’: Examining the Intersection of Race in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and Human Trafficking”

Ella Feiner, “‘Fix Your Hearts, Not Our Parts’: A History of Gender Norms, Hormones, and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia”

David Lipman, “The NBA’s 3-Point Revolution”

Panel 3: Identity Formation

Brayan Mata, “Deconstructing Breaking Bad: Lessons on Society”

Vikash Modi, “Robot Space Companions: A Crucial Solution to Maintaining Morale on Early Mars Habitations”

Jasmine Li, “Conveying the Quintessential Chineseness: Ignorance of the Chinese American Identity in United States Chinese Heritage Language Education”

Oliver Effron, “‘Prostitution, Or Any Other Immoral Purpose’: The Language of Morality in the 1910 Mann Act”

Panel 4: Data and the Human

Manan Goenka, “Bias be GAN: Using Generative Adversarial Networks to mitigate gender and racial bias in facial analysis datasets”

Ben Dodge, “Can Computers Learn from Copyrighted Content?”

Michelle Tsi-Ying Kummel, “Climate Change and the Colorado River: Connections between streamflow, temperature, and precipitation at a site in the Colorado River Headwaters”

Sean Horton, "Breaking the Game: Speedrunning as Anti-Nostalgic Practice"

Conference organized by Daniel Choi, Will Penman, and Carolyn Ureña. Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.