Mary W. George Research Conference

Named in memory and celebration of librarian Mary W. George and her devotion to undergraduate research at Princeton, the conference showcases the exception, diverse scholarly work of students from the Writing Seminars.

Friday, November 22, 2019
New South, 3rd Floor

Keynote Address

Afia Ofori-Mensa, Director, Presidential Scholars Program

Panel 1: Naming the Past

Katie Dykstra
“Dark Tourism Heritage Sites, A Case Study: The Anne Frank House, how Commodification Leads to Authenticity”

Ashley Morales
The African Court as an Alternative to the ICC”

Allie Mangel
“Towards a Performance-Based Ethics: Paul Bowles and the Social Aspect of Appropriation”

Grace Simmons
“A Deadly Imitation Game: The Confluence Between ‘Gloomy Sunday,’ Suicide Contagion, and Pathological Music”

Elijah Shina
“Indiana Jones and the Researchers of the Fantastic Literature: Reconciling Literary Theory on Religion with the ‘Christian Fantastic’”

Lunch and Academic Research Roundtable:
Biography and the Research Process: Finding Your Personal Motive

Aliza Haider '22
Suraj Kushwaha '21
Bianca Swidler '21
Vinny Wagner '21

Panel 2: Analyzing Bodies

Natalie Lynch
“Evaluating Esther: The Role of Anthropomorphism in Pet Marketing and Conservation”

Jack Bound
“As Thou Art to Thyself: American Moral Anxiety and Preoccupation with Unique Genesis in the Human Cloning Debate”

Brooke Johnson
“‘So Poor, So Black’: Examining the Intersection of Race in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and Human Trafficking”

Ella Feiner
“‘Fix Your Hearts, Not Our Parts’: A History of Gender Norms, Hormones, and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia”

David Lipman
“The NBA’s 3-Point Revolution”

Panel 3: Identity Formation

Brayan Mata
“Deconstructing Breaking Bad: Lessons on Society”

Vikash Modi
“Robot Space Companions: A Crucial Solution to Maintaining Morale on Early Mars Habitations”

Jasmine Li
“Conveying the Quintessential Chineseness: Ignorance of the Chinese American Identity in United States Chinese Heritage Language Education”

Oliver Effron
“‘Prostitution, Or Any Other Immoral Purpose’: The Language of Morality in the 1910 Mann Act”

Panel 4: Data and the Human

Manan Goenka
“Bias be GAN: Using Generative Adversarial Networks to mitigate gender and racial bias in facial analysis datasets”

Ben Dodge
“Can Computers Learn from Copyrighted Content?”

Michelle Tsi-Ying Kummel
“Climate Change and the Colorado River: Connections between streamflow, temperature, and precipitation at a site in the Colorado River Headwaters”

Sean Horton
"Breaking the Game: Speedrunning as Anti-Nostalgic Practice"

Conference Organizers: Daniel Choi, Will Penman, and Carolyn Ureña

Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program