Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2021

Friday, November 19, 2021

Poster Session 1

Safiya Topiwala, '24, "Nationalism Under Siege: The Politics of Renaming in India"
Tsion Yared, '24, "The Limits of the Court of Arbitration of Sport: Exploring how IAAF Hyperandrogenism Regulations Fail to Assess Fairness"
Liam Esparaguerra, '24, "Assignment of Artistic Merit to Art-Generating AI Systems"

Opening Remarks & Roundtable: the Writing and Research Process

Rosamond van Wingerden, '21, Opening Remarks

Sid Bejugama, '24
Joe Himmelfarb, '24
Reese Owen, '24
Sean Park, '24
Manya Zhu, '24

Poster Session 2

Dallas Brodersen, '23, "Ban Fast Food Advertising!"
Heather Madsen, '24, "Theoretical Reconstruction of Pre-Industrial Shark Demography and its Conservation Potential"

Panel 1

Amélie LeMay, '24, "Find Your Park: The Personalization of a Commercialized U.S. National Park Experience"
Melissa Woo, '24, "A Toxic Predictor of Toxicity? How Commonly Used Word Embedding Vectors Amplify Unintended Demographic Biases"
Emily Wu, '24, "A Case Study of Muk: Revealing the Environmental Connections between the Pokémon Video Games and Reality"

Poster Session 3

Travis Chai Andrade, '24, "He Ala ko Kahiki e Hoʻomoe Aku Ai”: Heiau as Past, Present, and Future"
Christina Cho, '24, "'What Can You Fit in These?': The Internet's Fascination with the Miniature Handbag"
Theresa Lim, '24, "Too Good to Be True: MyFitnessPal’s Gamification of Weight Loss and Its Dangerous Consequences"

Panel 2

Karim Elbarbary, '24, "Genius as a Power Tool: an Analysis of the Label’s Ties to Neoliberal Capitalism and Individualism"
Max Gotts, '24, "Fitness landscapes are flexible, powerful tools for conservation management"
Svetlana Johnson, '24, "Linguistic Hierarchy and Racial Stigma: How Haitian Creole at the University Level Reflects Problematic Paradigms"


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