Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2022

Friday, September 30, 2022

Poster Session 1

Rachel Brooks, '25. "Light, Ancient Greek Medicine, and Opening Bodies"

Aaron Serianni, '25. "Now, or in Seven Years: An Analysis of Media Responses to the Working Group III Contribution to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report"

Yvette Biddle, '25. "Respiratory Illness at the Salton Sea"

Amanda Branom, '25. "A Taste of Their Own Medicine: Big Pharma, the Opioid Crisis, and Trust Moving Forward"

Amaya Dressler, '25. "Minding the Menses: Genetics, Environment, and Quantification in Menstrual Cycle Dysfunction"

Alexandra Jerdee, '25. "Swimming in Honey: Conservationist Seriousness and Silence in Happy Feet and Bee Movie"

Amar Gamal Abou-Hussein, '25. "Coding Color: An Analysis of Colorism in the Beauty Industry"

Jonathan Tenenbaum, '25. "Chop Up the Soul Kanye: Hip-Hop as an Instrument for Psychiatric Therapy and Audience Self-Talk"

Martina Qua, '25. "The Struggle is BeReal: Categorizing Users' Social Media 'Selves'"

Patrick Newcombe, '25. "Security in the Snow: International Legal Mechanisms to Address Climate Change’s Impact on Indigenous Food Systems of the Canadian Arctic"

Benjamin Woodard, '25. "This Cry From Mingo County: Radical Press Coverage of America's Largest Labor Uprising"

Catalina Posada, '25. "Out with the Old, In with the New: How Encanto’s Spanish Usage Threatens Notions of Latinidad"

Jasmine Hao, '25. "Sacrificing Zzz's for A's: Sleep Deprioritization Among Princeton Undergraduate Students"

Clay Reiferson, '25. "Steering Towards Safety: Regulating Self-Driving Cars Following an Automated Tragedy"

Tim Gubskiy, '25. "Talking to Robots: An analysis of AI communication as portrayed In Movies"

Felicia Sanders, '25. "The Intergenerational Ethics of A Mosquito Gene Drive"


Poster Session 2

Rosie Eden, '25. "Philosophy Gamified: The Winning Ethical Strategy of Squid Game"

Alexa Marsh, '25. "Populism 2.0: How QAnon Exploits Femininity to Win Women Recruits"

Sebastian Silberman, '25. "The Game Theory of Bike Racing"

Isabelle Clayton, '25. "From Swans to Students: How Collegiate Ballerinas Navigate Changing Bodies, Changing Selves"

Conor Warren, '25. "Smart Grid Sustainability in America’s Residential Sector: The Effects of Electricity Price and Feedback on Consumption"

Alexandra Roberts, '25. "The Torah Explains: Interculturalism through The Jewish American Heritage of Name Changing"

Rosemary Dietz, '25. "TikTok Influencers and the Dynamics of Authenticity, Aspiration, and Love"

Elaine Huang, '25. "Variations in the Bases of Determining the Authenticity of Cupping Across Age Demographics"

Harit Raghunathan, '25. "Rating your Uber Drive: a five-star path to Dystopia?"

Elitsa Sklar, '25. "Hair-Coverings Uncovered: Exploring the Intersection between Jewish Women’s Hair Covering Practices and Feminism"

Isha Patel, '25. "Chained: Tackiness and the Cultural Appropriation of Gold Neck Jewelry in Teen Fashion"

Christine Chen, '25. "The Snow Queer? Queer-coding the Disney Protagonist"

Veronica Zhang, '25. "The Role of Pity in Interpreting Deaf Legal Confessions"

Jodie de Jesus, '25. "The Ant-Man Perspective: How a Miniature Superhero Defamiliarizes the Everyday"

Ella Rosenberg, '25. "Monkey Hear, Monkey Learn? The Role of Developmental Science in Bilingual Parenting Literature"


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