Mary W. George Research Conference, Fall 2023

Friday, September 29, 2023

Session 1

Punctuated Humor: The Missing Dissentive Edge of African American Standup Comedy
Kelih B Henyo

The Digitalization of Tuvalu and the Environment's Impact on Culture and Nationality
Felipe de Bolle

“Lucky pawns”: The deception of educational gift economies in Never Let Me Go
Annie Eun Jun Kim

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life for Me: Captain Jack Sparrow the Byronic Hero
Daniella Caldarella

The Environmental Martyrdom of Walden Pond
Brooke Jurgenson

“At Least I'm at Princeton”: Unraveling the Tension Between Princeton University's
Public and Private Interests
Julian Ibarra

“The Torch of Liberty”: Theological Foundations of the Episcopal Church in America
Anna Ferris

Oppy, the Beloved, Fictional and Unsocial Robot: the Anthropomorphization of the Mars Rover's Death
Through Detached Grief
Isha Wagle

We Reap What We Sow: Exposing Environmental Colonialism in the Reemergence of Tulare Lake
Lauren Malek

Means of Colonization as significance of historical identity
Zhangir Murat

Playing a Forgotten Melody: Sounds of Hazel and the Work of Memorial as Revival
Helena Richardson


Session 2

“Making a Mark”: How Fiona Foley Disrupts Frameworks of Authenticity Surrounding Aboriginal Australian Art
Laura Zhang

Revolution of Our Times: Postcolonial Identity and Protest in Hong Kong
Michelle Miao

“Pots, Pans and Multiplicitous Meanings”: Domestic Objects in Julia Child's Kitchen as a Site of Personal
and Collective Memory
Sally Menaker

When Perception of Agency Undermines Agency Itself: How Overconfidence Bias Undermines
the Agency of Retail Investors
Jay Kang

Détente through the Deconstruction of “The Other”: Evaluating the Possibility of Peace in the Korean Peninsula
Hannah Jo

“She's so many things”: The Plenum-of-Possibilities in Spike Jonze's Her
Grace Wang

AcadeMEDIA: How Racist Anthropology Trickles down into Media Representations of Ancient Egypt
Mariam Elawady

‘Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands’: Restoring Female Agency Through Revenge in Promising Young Woman
Sam Yamashita

Veganism as Resistance: An Examination of Agency Within the African American Vegan Community
Regina Roberts

“Gym Goes Up, Columbia Goes Down”: Black Students' Race, Class, and Structural Location in the
Columbia Student Protest of 1968
Janah Richardson

The Radical Globalization of Whistleblowing: WikiLeaks' Ethical Foundations and Tensions Between
the Media and U.S. Government
Amrita Sahu

Finding Hope in Re-story-ation: Environmental Wisdom from the Skywoman Nation
Raphaela Gold

“Without Apology”: Princeton's Western Humanities Sequence and the Intellectual Foundations of Empire
Daniel J.M. Yu


Named in honor and celebration of librarian Mary W. George and her devotion to undergraduate research at Princeton, the conference showcases the exceptional, diverse scholarly works of students from the Writing Seminars. Many thanks to the students, faculty, and librarians for their dedication to the continued work and research Mary inspired in us all.