Mary W. George Research Conference, Spring 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014


Amanda Irwin Wilkins, Director, Princeton Writing Program

Session I 

Panel A

Peter Park, "A Question of Honor? The Importance of Pragmatism in American Interventionism"

Melissa Parnagian, "The Asterisk: Inequalities of Affirmative Action"

Maria Medvedeva, Moderator

Session II 

Panel A

Selena Kitchens, "Holy Grails and Golden Hands: Redemption in the Morte d'Arthur and A Song of Ice and Fire"

Katherine Lee, "To Nerd or Not to Nerd: Representations of Scientists in The Big Bang Theory"

Margaret Wang, "Heisenberg as the Uncertainty Principle: What is Walter White?"

Brendan Wright, Moderator
Panel B

Alice Tao, "Bounded by Beauty: The Influence of Photography on Perception and Approaches to Cultural Landscape Assessment"

Natsuko Sato, "The Vocaloid Case Study: Examining Advancements in Music Technology"

Danielle Meinrath, Moderator


Session III 

Panel A

Paul Rosen, "Feeling Backward and Better: Female Disability in Empire Falls"

Cailin Hong, "Gender, Power and Sexual Transgression in American Beauty"

Vinicius Amaral, "Calling to the Underworld: How the Clash's London Calling Redefined a Cultural Era"   

Joseph Califf, Moderator  
Panel B

Katie Hanss, "George Washington Carver: Man, Myth, and Historical Perspective"

Juliette Hackett, "The Effects of Society's Attitude and Current Legislation on the Well-Being of Teenage Sex Offenders Who Committed Consensual Statutory Rape"

Vivian Chen, "Too Big to Fail: Resolution Procedure for Systemically Important Financial Institutions"

Khristina Gonzalez, Moderator

Session IV 

Panel A

Arunraj Balaji, "Reactions to Paranormal Horror: The Search for a Comprehensive Theory"

Martha Jachimski, "Melancholia: A Portrayal of Major Depression as an Existential Reality Check"

Jonathan Liebman, "A Smile on a Tormented Face: Absurdist Consciousness and Post-Reflective Identity in Camus' L'Étranger"

Timothy Recuber, Moderator 

Panel B

Emily Chen, "Expanding the View of Asian-American Autobiographies: From Expressions of the Collective Self to Multidimensional Voices of History"

Lulu Chen, "Genius: Society, Mythology, and You"

Lori Bin, "Realness and Gender Identity: Is Drag as Subversive as it Seems?"

Timothy Haupt, Moderator


Conference organized by Andy Hakim, Emma Ljung, and Benjamin Weber. Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.