Mary W. George Research Conference, Spring 2016

April 8, 2016


Dr. Keith Shaw, Associate Director for the Writing Seminars

Session I

Panel A

Amy Liu, “Passing as Passive?: Zooming Out on Passing Through ‘Imitation of Life’ (1959)”

Amanda Morrison, “Here’s Sacrifice, Kid: The Popular Perception of Casablanca and World War II as Time Goes By”

Suren Jamiyanaa, “Denial of an Apocalypse is Survival of an Apocalypse”

Panel B

Brandon Joel Tan, “The Puzzle of Chinese-Singaporean Christianity”

Jake Strain, “Jihad, Sexuality, and Eagles of Death Metal”

Zachariah Smart,Imago Dei in David Almond's 'Clay': Theological Influence on Modern Golem Legends”

Lunch with Roundtable Discussion

Junior research featuring past conference presenters Selena Kitchens ‘17, Nina Chausow ‘17, and Benjamin Gallo ’17. 

Session II

Panel A

Nina Rodriguez, “Their Stories”

Reed Melchionda, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: A Step Towards Acceptance”

Panel B

Kate Wang, “The Metamorphosis of Vogue: Anna Wintour and the Bridging of the “Haute” and the “Habitual” in the 1980s”

Olivia Parker, “Playtime is Performing Time”

Jessica Saint-Ulysse, “I Am Not My Hair: The Roots of Controversial Black Hairstyles”

Session III

Panel A

Willem Bradford, “Natural and Economic Perspectives on Water Rights”

Kiara Rodriguez Gallego, “'You don't vote until you get out': Felon Disenfranchisement in Massachusetts”

Robert Lussier, “Taxi Medallions: An Über-Outdated Policy”

Panel B

Elise Freeman, “No to the Status Quo: How a Conventional Science Lens Harms the Legitimacy of Psi Research”

Michael Wisner, “Pressured into Peace: Aang's Way of War”

Louisa Molson, “Is Aeneas really the hero we think he is?”

Session IV

Panel A

Rasha Suleiman, “'Does my kid have ADHD?' And Other Pressing Questions”

George Lin, “Who Pulled the Plug? The Evolution of the Chinese Brain Drain Narrative in the 80’s and 90’s”

Jared Lockwood, “An Investigation of Gender Disparity within the Quizbowl Community”


Conference organized by Andy Hakim, Leah Klement, Emma Ljung, Lauren Santangelo, Benjamin Weber, and Shannon Winston. Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.