Mary W. George Freshman Research Conference

Mary W. George Freshman Research ConferenceSpring 2017

The seventh Freshman Research Conference took place on Friday, April 14, 2017 in Hargadon Hall.  In Spring 2016, the conference was renamed in memory and celebration of Mary W. George and her devotion to undergraduate research at Princeton.  The conference showcased the scholarly work of a range of exceptional Fall 2016 Writing Seminar students from different courses and disciplines. During the conference, our distinguished writers gave 10-minute presentations of their work in small panels, followed by question-and-answer sessions. 


Program of Events

Welcoming Remarks

Raphael Allison and Kristin Dombek
Interim Associate Directors for the Writing Seminars, Princeton University 


Session I

Panel A (Hargadon G001)

Norman Xiong, “Intertemporal Psychological Effects and Economic Implications of the Gaokao”

Alex Rogers, “Knowing What You Don’t: A Dissection of the Cause of the Kruger-Dunning Effect and Its Effect on Intelligence”

Joshua Gardner, “Selfie Culture and Capitalism” 

Panel B (Hargadon G002)

Eunice Kim, “The Attempts (and Failures) of Miss Korea Contestants to Find Their Personal Identities in the Pursuit of Societally Defined ‘Ideal’ Beauty”

Rosamond van Wingerden, “More than a Mad Scene: What Lucia di Lammermoor Can Teach Us About Mental Illness”

Maria Stahl, “Sherwood Forest: Shelter From the Storm” 



Lunch and "Writing After Writing Seminar" Roundtable

Roundtable Participants:

Bernardo Pacini, Class of 2018
Edgar Preciado Jr., Class of 2018
Gabriella Pereira Sacco, Class of 2019
Ian Iverson, Class of 2018
Sarah Cho, Class of 2018 


Session II

Panel A (Hargadon G001)

Natalia Roszkowska, “Equitable or Hierarchical: Marginalizing and Labeling Effects of Self- Expressive Terms within the Neurodiversity Movement”

Lencer Ogutu, “Anonymity and Self-Censorship: The Rock and Hard Place of Kenya’s Politics With Regards to Hate Speech, Dangerous Speech and Free Speech”

Ben Weissenbach, “Caster Semenya, ‘Fairness,’ and the Value of Sports” 

Panel B (Hargadon G002)

Eitan Levin, “Neanderthal Anatomy and Physiology and Their Implication on Division of Labor"

Nathan Poland, “The War of Sensitivity: Justifications for Contemporary Native American Property Rights”

Neil Slighton, “AI Rights: Utilitarian Proof Through the Ambiguity of Consciousness” 


Panel C (Hargadon G004)

Jonah Hyman, “The Filtration Metaphor: An Analysis of Delays in New York’s 7 Line Extension”

Paul Horvath, “Divided States and their Impact on the Electoral College“

Ami Berman, “A Black Panther Crusade: Cross- National Diffusion and Black Power in Jerusalem" 


Session III

Panel A (Hargadon G001)

Nourhan Ibrahim, “Problematic Pornography: The Tensions Behind Mia Khalifa’s Use of the Hijab”

Alexandra Burghardt, “Solitary Confinement and Mental Illness in New York: A Proposal for Reform”

Tristan Pollner, “The State’s Call of Duty: Brown v. EMA Sets an Inconsistent and Dangerous Precedent”

Caroline Taber, “I Love You for Your Looks, Personality, and MHC - An Analysis of Human Mate Selection” 

Panel B (Hargadon G002)

Traci Mathieu, “The Merits of Character Education Beyond Academic Achievement”

Alexandra Koskosidis, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: An Explanation of Increased Aggression in Children After Donald Trump’s Campaign”

Tajreen Ahmed, “Harry Potter and the Untested Gallows: A Study on Criminal Behavior and the Influence of Media in the Harry Potter Series” 


Session IV

Panel A (Hargadon G001)

Lillian Xu, “Diving Deeper into Bikini Bottom: How SpongeBob SquarePants Invites and Transforms Emotional Investment to Increase Emotional Intelligence in Children”

Neel Ajjarapu, “Two Mowglis, Flying Between the Text and the Film”

Abigail Denton, “Paul and Mary Would Very Much Like You to Make...a National Heritage: The Great British Bake Off and Forming a Modern British Identity” 

Panel B (Hargadon G002)

Urvashi Uberoy, “Wagah Border: the Erasure of the 1947 Partition”

Chisom Chigozie-Nwosu, “Girl Soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Sierra Leone: Overlooked and Underrepresented”

Tom Salama, “Striking a Chord: Cultural Nostalgia in Popular Songs of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s” 


Conference Organizers
Jessie Rack, Lauren Santangelo, Shannon Winston
Funded by the Princeton Writing Program