Mary W. George Freshman Research Conference

Mary W. George Freshman Research ConferenceSpring 2018

The ninth Freshman Research Conference took place on Friday, April 13, 2018 in Hargadon Hall. In Spring 2016, the conference was renamed in memory and celebration of Mary W. George and her devotion to undergraduate research at Princeton. The conference showcased the scholarly work of a range of exceptional Fall 2017 Writing Seminar students from different courses and disciplines. During the conference, our distinguished writers gave 10-minute presentations of their work in small panels, followed by question-and-answer sessions. 


Program of Events

Welcoming Remarks

William A. Gleason, Hughes-Rogers Professor of English 


Session I

Panel A: Dress & Power
(Hargadon G001)

Joonho Jo, “Behind the Curtain: The Korean Government's Role in Medical Tourism & Cosmetic Plastic Surgery”

Ellen Li, “To The Men Who Love a Show For Little Girls: Understanding Sexualization In Brony Fanart”

Dante Sudilovsky, “Tethered to the Lug: Gendered Wristwatches in Postwar America”


Lunch and
Academic Research Roundtable:  Adventures in Motive

Roundtable Participants:
Chisom Chigozie-Nwosu, Class of 2020
Nicolette D’Angelo, Class of 2019
Ian Iverson, Class of 2018
Leezet Matos, Class of 2018
Nicholas Risteen, Ph.D. Candidate


Session II

Panel A: Exploitation & Violence
(Hargadon G001)

Melia Chittenden, “Part of the Family: How Society’s View of Domestic Work Facilitates the Abuse and Exploitation of Nannies in America”

Karolen Eid, “The Rwandan Genocide: From Colonization to Carnage”

Daniel Liu, “Alleviating Abuse: How the Dynamics of Food within Prisons Can Abolish the American Prison System”


Session III

Panel A: Technology, Media, & Property in Human Interactions
(Hargadon G001)

Tara Blundell, “Emoticons: Fake Faces and Trust Issues”

Kyle Burford, “On the Constitutionality of Prescriptive Easements”

Saira Reyes, “All my brilliant plans foiled by thermodynamics. Damn you, Entropy!”: How the Representation of Science in The Martian Redefines the Science Fiction Genre”

Nanako Shirai, “Japanese Citizens Becoming Masked Heroes to Serve Society”

Panel B: Challenges to Academic Success
(Hargadon G002)

Enzo Dominguez, “The Relative Incidence of Academic Consequences of Alcohol Consumption and Patterns of Binge Drinking in High Achieving College Students”

Yechen Hu, “Facebocrastination”: A Genetic Risk Factor for Academic Procrastination with Social Media”

Sunita Srivatsan, “A Race to the Top: Evaluating the Impact of the Model Minority Stereotype on Asian Students’ Success”


Session IV

Panel A: The Borders of Humanity
(Hargadon G001)

Kennedy Casey, “Captive Inside the Societal "Cage": (Im)permeable Boundaries Between Monstrosity, Animality, and Humanity in Split”

Janie Kim, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful: How Microbes Drive Human Interactions”

Jeremy Pulmano, “Robots as "Just Tools": Denying the Entanglement of the Human-Machine Relationship”

Panel B: Challenges to Faith, Thought, & Renewal
(Hargadon G002)

Michael Hu, “Rick and Beth, Camus and Critchley”

Asia Kaiser, “Creating Contemporary Candeal: Urban Renewal in an Inner-City Neighborhood of Salvador, Bahia Brazil”

Tyler McDonald, “Stand Slave, You May Not Protest”

Oliver Whang, “Christian Fundamentalism and Child Development: The Role of Religion and Hostility in Parent-Child Relationships”


Conference Organizers
Dannelle Gutarra Cordero, Jessie RackLeslie Ribovich
Funded by the Princeton Writing Program