Mary W. George Research Conference, Spring 2022

Friday, April 8, 2022

Poster Session

Fawaz Ahmad, ’25, “Strengthening Farmers' Associations to Impel Nigerian Catfish Industry Growth”

Molly Chadwick, ’25, “Toeing the Line Between Toy and Medicine”

Jack Limongelli, ’25, “Sampling: Historical Preservation of Forgotten Music”

Matthew Oh, ’25, “When Love is War: Performative Submission and Romantic Power Structures in Japan’s Kokuhaku

Molly Taylor, ’25, “Comparing News Coverage of Air Pollution in High-Risk Counties”

Donna Wang, ’25, “A Docuseries’ Road to Congress: The Attraction and Political Impact of Genre Ambiguity in Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

Opening Remarks

Judith Swan, Associate Director for Writing in Science and Engineering

Panel 1

Caroline Ji, ’25, “Reinstating Agency in General Tom Thumb's Narrative”

Lucia Brown, ’25, “A ‘Hole-y’ Opportunity: Church Mini-Golf and the Community of Leisure”

Wiley Kohler, ’25, “Authenticity, Fermentation, and the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Johanne Kjaersgaard, '23, Moderator

Panel 2

Hiba Siddiki, ’25, “The Effect of Social Media on Rumi’s Translations and Poetry”

Ivan Tonkovic-Capin, ’25, “Altered Carbon: Profiling and the Value of the Body”

Joseph Kim Sexton, ’25, “How Online Communities Can Help Guide Research on Antipsychotics: A Case Study on Invega and The Loss of ‘The Intangible’”

Daniel Burgess, '23, Moderator

Panel 3

Ashley Olenkiewicz, ’25, “Understanding the Disconnect between Public, Scholarly, and Prisoner Perspectives on Post-Secondary Education as a Form of Rehabilitation”

Mikayla Merin, ’25, “The Orange Glow of Princeton University’s ‘Orange Bubble’: The Effect of Poor Campus Lighting on Black Students”

Allison Yuan, ’25, “What Shareholders Want: Re-examining the Scholarship on Integrity vs. Competence”

Anna Goodman, '23, Moderator


Sponsored by the Princeton Writing Program.