200-level Seminars

WRI 207

Everyone's an Expert

WRI 207 gives transfer students the opportunity to articulate the fruits of their previous writing instruction while building on those skills in anticipation of Princeton’s required junior and senior independent work. As part of the research instruction in WRI 207, students will be paired with graduate student or faculty mentors in fields of interest to them. Mentors will provide discipline-specific guidance related to the students’ research projects in the course, while also helping students imagine how their projects could be adapted and developed if they were to pursue further work in the field.


Measuring Climate Change: Methods in Data Analysis & Scientific Writing

Courses cross-listed in the Writing Program are designed to help students build on what they learn as freshmen in the Writing Seminars about the values held in common across disciplines—e.g., articulating a compelling question or problem, making an argument based on evidence and analysis, engaging responsibly with sources—and translate them into the context of more advanced and discipline-specific writing projects. Please note that cross-listed courses do not fulfill the University writing requirement.