Measuring Climate Change: Methods in Data Analysis & Scientific Writing

Fall 2014, Fall 2016, Fall 2018

Adam Maloof, Department of Geosciences
Amanda Irwin Wilkins, Princeton Writing Program
Open to sophomores and juniors
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Explore questions like: ​

  • How is climate changing now, and how do we measure it?
  • How have ancient climate changes been preserved in modern landscapes?
  • How have humans affected climate change, and how does climate change affect us?

Students in the fieldIn workshops, labs, and on the mandatory 9-day field trip during fall break, you'll gain practical experience collecting climatological data (using drones!) and analyzing these data using software and programming languages like ArcGIS and Matlab. You'll learn how to use the research and writing process recursively to hone your ideas, and how to communicate original research effectively within the formal structure of journal-style scientific writing and the LaTeX typesetting language. Emerge with concrete skills and the confidence you need to tackle your independent work.

Questions about the course?  Contact Amanda or Adam.

"This is the type of course you come to Princeton to take."

"The papers are an incredible opportunity to challenge yourself and to learn the entire process of research writing from start to finish."

"Any science major should consider this course, as it is basically independent work (which we all have to do eventually) guided by two top notch professors and supported by an entire seminar class."

"A fantastic course that truly immerses the student into the world of scientific research."

--GEO/WRI 201 students