How to Enroll

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Six steps for successful Writing Seminar Enrollment.

The goal of the enrollment process is to place every student into a Writing Seminar reflecting their scholarly interests. To enroll, just follow the steps below. Please refer to the Fall or Spring enrollment schedule for specific dates and times.

  1. ClassPath: Begin thinking about your Fall course schedule and the opportunities you want to pursue as you make the transition to Princeton.
  2. Term Assignment: You'll be notified by email of your term assignment (Fall or Spring).  If you have questions, contact the Writing Program at [email protected].
  3. Seminar Selection: Identify your top 8 Writing Seminar choices by browsing through the Fall or Spring offerings on the Writing Program website.
  4. Enrollment: Rank your top 8 choices online at any time during the enrollment period. You may access the enrollment website from the Princeton Writing Program's home page. See the Fall or Spring enrollment schedule for specific dates and times. Please note that you may rank no more and no fewer than 8 choices. Note, too, that the enrollment system is not first come, first served. As long as you enroll sometime during the enrollment period, your chance of receiving one of your top choices is as good as everyone else's. You may change your selections any time during the enrollment period by visiting the Writing Program website, clicking on “Enroll in a Writing Seminar,” and entering your revised preferences. The new set will overwrite the old.
  5. Seminar Assignment: You'll receive notification of your Writing Seminar assignment by email. If you don't receive notification, contact the Writing Program at [email protected].  Your Writing Seminar will be automatically added to your schedule in TigerHub.
  6.  Classes Begin: You’ll receive a welcome email from your instructor before the first day of class to confirm the details of your first class meeting. Please note that there is no add/drop period for Writing Seminars.

Consequences of Not Submitting Your Writing Seminar Choices

If you fail to rank your top 8 choices online during the enrollment period, you will be placed in a Writing Seminar with open spaces, regardless of topic. To encourage you to enroll on time, the Princeton Writing Program will send you reminder emails during the enrollment period.