Resources for Undergraduates

Every writer needs a reader. And we have a reader for every writer!

One-on-one Conferences at the Writing Center

Available to all Princeton students, Writing Center conferences are free one-on-one sessions with experienced fellow writers trained to consult on assignments in any discipline. Writing Center Fellows welcome visits at all stages of the writing process, from getting started to developing a thesis, structuring an argument, and revising a draft. They serve as sounding boards, careful readers, and helpful critics, and are able to suggest possibilities implicit in a student's own thinking and writing. Conferences are typically 50 minutes long; JP and Senior Thesis writers may reserve 80-minute conferences.

Independent work doesn’t mean going it alone.

Programs and Communities for JP and Thesis Writers

In addition to one-on-one conferences, the Writing Center and its team of graduate Fellows offers a variety of support for JP and Senior Thesis writers in collaboration with the Director of Undergraduate Research, the Residential Colleges, and departments and programs across campus. Opportunities include workshops, peer review groups, and the popular boot camp series.

What Students Have to Say

“In setting tangible yet manageable goals, I was able to break down seemingly monolithic tasks. In the words of my mother, ‘Q: How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time!’”

“I feel leagues ahead in terms of how I conceive the long-term writing process. The kind of work that we did in Boot Camp feels sustainable across a semester, as opposed to the race to the finish that is usually my main source of momentum.”


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